There has been huge excitement around the recent release of The Boys in Red Hats, a film co-produced, animated, and designed by First Fight! We’re proud to announce that the film recently won the Film Threat AWARD THIS for 2022 SOCIALLY RELEVANT DOCUMENTARY.

During production of the documentary, we were given full creative control to craft the graphics package that would be used in telling this important story that took place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 

The concept, design, and animation of many great segments throughout the movie, as well as the film’s titles were all part of the branding that we created. We worked hard to visually capture the tone of the confrontation known as “The Smirk Heard Around the World,” helping to enhance the story being told by some truly brilliant filmmakers.

“First Fight turned my personal little indie film into an award winning piece of cinema that was sold and distributed worldwide. As a film director, it’s one thing to bring your vision to life; it’s another thing to have the talent of artists like Andre and Guy to take your vision to unexpected levels through their lens and execution. I interviewed dozens of animation companies in LA and NY for my film, but no one came close to what First Fight had to offer and ultimately delivered.”

– Jonathan Schroeder, Director and Writer

The Boys in Red Hats is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu