“Where Does the Water Go?”

Storytelling is everything to us. We thrive on challenges, like turning a complex concept into an easy to understand and enjoyable viewing experience. When the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) approached us with the concept of educating the citizens of Metro-Detroit about their water system we knew this project was the perfect match for our teams. In the end, we created a mini-documentary that blends both interviews and animation to tell the story of our amazing wastewater system.

For more info about this project and to get a glimpse behind the scenes, click here.

Client: Wade-Trim, Great Lakes Water Authority

Producers: Amy Unger, Collen Vail, Curtis Burris-White (GLWA)

Creative Direction: Ryan Simpson, Andre Foster, Guy Allen

Cel Animation: Jessica Rowden, Watty Watkins

2D Animation: Jamie Lyons, Andre Foster, Guy Allen,

3D Animation: Andre Foster, Dillan Murillo

Design & Illustration: Joe Dao

Videography: Three Words

Script: Gail Offen, First Fight

Sound Design: Sanctus, First Fight