“Opening Credits”

Opening credits of a fictional television show we created called ‘Suture’. Loosely based on the Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, our version takes place in the mid 1970s and follows a talented, but highly disturbed surgeon at a local area hospital, who goes down a path of maniacal obsession for the preservation of life – and the reinvention of it. The Mary Shelley original story has always been a fascinating one, because at the center of it is the study of failure to accept death – and the unsettling way certain people handle grief thereafter. Using the AI tool Midjourney, we were able to create some pretty wild images that really made our minds go crazy with themes and ideas to help craft a look for this classic story. We wanted to blend traditional design techniques with AI while making some crafty use of stock footage to boot. Combining these techniques truly gave us something unique.


Creative Production: First Fight

Title Animation: Jamie Lyons, Emily Tinklenberg

Art Direction: Andre Foster