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Nothing Bundt Cakes

‘Multiple Digital Campaigns’

With over 500 stores nationwide and still growing, Nothing Bundt Cakes asked us to add some extra sweetness to their already delicious lineup. Despite being around for over 25 years, NbC had never ventured into live-action ads before.

Following a less-than-stellar experience with a previous agency, NbC approached us with a clear vision for the tone and message of their first-ever digital ads. Working closely with them, we crafted a series of fun, engaging spots that highlighted their offerings. Our team had to jump on things pretty quickly, and handled everything from copywriting and sourcing voice talent to editing and post-production.

Creative Direction: First Fight, NbC

Script: Sean Gleason, Craig Baldo

Producer: Taylor Stanislawski

Design: First Fight

2D Animation: First Fight

Cel Animation: Jessica Rowden

Edit & Post: First Fight

Sound Design/Mix: First Fight