Virgin Experience Gifts

“Kate & Keith”

From skydiving over the Poconos to a luxury spa day to relax afterwards, Virgin Experience Gifts is here to offer a new take on gift giving. Because let’s face it, memories are the ultimate gift!

Virgin Experience Gifts had a small presence here in the US so they teamed up with our studio to create a fully animated video, showcasing the magic of gifting a personalized adventure for your loved ones. Working closely with VEG, First Fight went through multiple rounds of concepting, design and SFX to ensure that our story successfully conveyed the uniqueness of VEG, but also help explain how users can use their service.

Creative Direction: First Fight

Design & Illustration: First Fight

Script: Craig Baldo

2D animation: Andy Martin

3D animation: First Fight

Cel: Facundo Lopez , Alaina Smith

Sound Design/Mix: First Fight